Allen Ng

I am a highly motivated professional who enjoys working in technical environments. I have an intrinsic curiosity; be it practical or theoretical, there isn’t much I don’t find interesting. My education and work experience have allowed me to develop a broad set of skills including:


Feb '23 - Present Senior Software Engineer II S&P Global Boulder, CO
  • Implement and maintain features of a financial charting library, targeting multiple platforms including vanilla JavaScript, Angular, React, and Vue.
  • Designed and implemented keyfile license locking mechanism allowing greater control and enforcement of license terms and smoother upgrades by customers.
April '22 - Feb '23 Senior Software Engineer II Cosaic Boulder, CO
(Acquired by S&P Global)
  • Implement and maintain features of internal legacy license and build server, using Apache, nodejs, and Express.js providing SE/AM team with auditable build tools.
  • Fully automated many manual tasks previously requiring an engineer to perform including publishing releases to GitHub and querying legacy license database.
  • Design, develop, and maintain user metrics server capable of being run in multiple configurations and environments, either on-prem by customer or in our hosted environment.
Oct '20 - April '22 Software Engineer III Anark Corporation Boulder, CO
  • Implement and maintain features of a collaboration and content management software platform using TypeScript and React.
  • Led engineering organization through transition from TFSVC to Git, providing training and policy recommendations, resulting in zero disruption of development and increased control of software configuration.
  • Developed multiple microservices providing high-throughput upload capabilities to enable mass document migration of large engineering firms to the Anark platform, establishing many best practices for the team, and recorded in a reusable template repo.
Jan '20 - Mar '20 Software Engineer II SmartEtailing Boulder, CO
  • Re-implement legacy ColdFusion code in microservice architecture using Vue.js front-end and Java Spring Boot back-end
  • Maintain legacy ColdFusion code and associated Lucee CFML servers in GCP/K8 environment
Sep '13 - Jan '20 Software Engineer II Xandr/AppNexus/Yieldex Boulder, CO
(Part of AT&T's acquisition of AppNexus)
  • Implement and maintain Yieldex signature ad server forecasting engine to produce best-in-class digital inventory forecasts over a publisher’s complex ad targeting hierarchy
  • Implement and maintain features of analytics software product using Java EE, JSF, and jQuery providing digital publishers with accurate advertising inventory forecasts and business intelligence reporting capabilities
  • Experience with the full tech stack from MySQL databases with Hibernate JPA entities, to our highly sophisticated, functional analytics engine, standard Java EE business and web tiers, to the front-end Jboss Seam and AngularJS + Kendo UI components
  • Implement and maintain features of Chrome browser extension allowing AppNexus/Yieldex forecasts to be natively displayed within the Google DSM UI
  • Sole author and maintainer of Yax Chrome extension, designing and implementing a self-service tool for use by internal support and engineering teams, reducing reliance on support tickets by 64%, and increasing iteration rate and responsiveness to critical customer needs
  • Developed fully-automated user error monitoring, alerting, and reporting tool allowing team to triage and prioritize production incidents
  • Implement and maintain features of transactional software product using Java EE and AngularJS enabling automated buying of guaranteed advertising inventory and deal management
  • Configure and maintain over 100 production application servers as part of on-call support by regular code pushes, health monitoring, issue troubleshooting and resolution, and user error trend analysis
  • Release manager for flagship product, coordinating efforts across the entire engineering and services organizations to produce the final production build
May '08 - Sep '13 BI Analyst SC Johnson Racine, WI
  • Perform sales data archiving, develop balance & control components, and maintain global web reporting using custom ABAP programs and Business Explorer queries ensuring efficient storage utilization, data integrity, and maximum availability of essential data to marketing and planning teams
  • Developed and maintained automated system monitoring for 24/7 global batch processes using custom ABAP programs providing status reporting and process failure rapid-response capabilities
  • Review and approve all security requests for BW, Business Objects, and SharePoint systems using role-based methodology and custom-built provisioning tool
Sep '07 - May '08 Police Dispatcher University of Wisconsin Kenosha, WI
  • Monitored and responded to emergent and non-emergent calls over telephones, alarm panels, and law enforcement radio channels increasing coordination of patrol officers and decreasing response times
Feb '00 - Sep '07 Electronics Tech/Instructor United States Navy Various
  • Provided technical instruction to groups of 20-60 new recruits utilizing both computer-based and instructor-led techniques in both classroom and laboratory settings resulting in over 6,000 new electronics technicians successfully entering the Naval service per year
  • Served as lead shipboard satellite communications technician overseeing maintenance actions of 3-6 subordinate personnel and ensuring maximum system availability of mission critical communications assets

Software Projects

2020 Math Tutor using: Android, Java
An educational app to allow arithemetic practice with integers, fractions, decimals, and exponents. Provides interactive "flash card" style drills, and printed randomized worksheets.
2017 - 2019 Yieldex Assistant Extension (Yax) using: JavaScript, Chrome
A sophisticated command interpreter and API client, integrated across the Yieldex infrastructure including the main application, integrations server, Slack, and Jira providing self-service capabilities to Technical Support team and account managers. I developed this as a personal, side-project and it has become a critical tool in the organization with its own roadmap and Jira queue.
2012 JavaScript Compiler Interpreter using: JavaScript
A basic LL(1) grammar parser capable of processing any context-free grammar it is given.
2012 Mandelbrot Plotter using: JavaScript, HTML5 canvas
An elegant and unique Mandelbrot plotter written in HTML5 and jQuery.
2011 Game Objects Engine using: C++, DirectX
A simple, yet powerful game engine created to help children program games. The modular design is completely re-usable and extensible, and is suitable for both small and large projects.

Awards, Publications, Research

Education, Certificates, Clearances

May '10 B.S. Computer Science and Mathematics (minor) University of Wisconsin
Dec '07 Associate's of Science College of Lake County
Oct '05 Qualified Naval Master Training Specialist United States Navy
June '04 Completed Naval Leadership Training United States Navy
Aug '03 Top Secret/SCI security clearance Department of Defense